Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

We are experimenting various skin care products such as pore packs, but we recommend those of the type that is friendly to the skin.

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

Skincare products for pores

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous
I am addicted to skin care of pores from the time I was a student.
I got stuck in the case, it was a pack I was doing at that time.
It gets wet with water and pastes on the nose and peels off after drying.
This has become a hot topic even on commercials and others, and everyone was using it because the horn plug of the nose is stuck.
Although I also used it, occasionally overkilling, sometimes the nose skin was turned over.
Sometimes weak friends were red.
Once a month, it is important to use and keep the frequency of use properly.
In addition, before using the pack, there are also the tricks that if you use toilet water to soften the skin, you can get many horn plugs.
After peeling off the pack, use skin lotion to tighten the skin around the nose and let it touch.

Recently, I am using packs of type of painting, stopping paper packs I used before.
If this is the case you can paint as much as you need, it is convenient for parts you want to use a bit, such as eyebrows and chin.
In addition, the pack made of paper is strong, I got a square plug tightly, but the type of paint is weak adhesive strength, I am glad that it is kind to skin.
There seems to be some people who are frustrated because they can not take it quietly, but I think that it is more suitable for me to do such a weak pack regularly.
When using such weak packs, it is a habit to always use lotion that has a tightening action or to tighten with cold water after use.

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