Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

Daily skincare mainly focuses on cleansing and moisturizing, pores become less noticeable so stacking every day is important.

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

About skin care for pores

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous
The troubles most noticeable in my face are the skin pores.
As I grew older, I became conspicuous and desperate for daily skincare.
Although it is my skin care, I think that facial washing and moisturizing are important anyhow.
I washed the facial cleansing foam with clay so that it strokes the face gently with whisking in the net even on the net.
In the area where the pores are concerned, it is washing while imagining in detail that the horny material etc will come out from the pores.
And after rinsing off with hot water, I painted horse oil and packed for several minutes.
I think that horse oil is versatile so it is painting on face and body.
It is important for me to put on make-up water after packing.
I always use a lotion with a price of around 500 ~ 600 yen with a lot in it.
When I bought a high lotion at a cosmetic store, I could not use Bashabasha and just applied a small amount to my face, so it had no effect at all.
It was better for me to put more cheap lotions.
Although I finished applying cream, I heard that friction is not good for my skin, so I apply cream to hold down.

I neglected skin care at a young age and I think that skin troubles are occurring at this time and I think that daily accumulation is important.
We have tried various skin care carefully and the way I finally fits for myself was the way above.
Thanks to pores that were difficult to hide even in foundations, now it is difficult to see the pores even though they are snappy.
I think I will do my best for my skin care every day so that pores will not open any more.

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