Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

It is a way to make pores which are conspicuous due to clogging of sebum and change the usual skin care slightly to make it unobtrusive pores.

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous

Let's review our usual skin care and make it unobtrusive pores

Skincare to make pores inconspicuous
When looking at your face often in the morning and evening, after washing your face, pores around the nostrils are often open.
The pores are opened and closed as necessary, but sebum and cosmetics etc are clogged up, they are dark, too much pores are conspicuous, it is the skin's It can also cause trouble. Perhaps there is a possibility of regretting why he did not have skin care with chitin at that time, so I think that it is better to take measures as soon as possible when you notice it.
A cause of pore opening is aging, ultraviolet rays, excessive secretion of sebum etc. are raised.
First of all, for ultraviolet rays, it can be prevented to some extent by painting sunscreen daily (full year).
Regarding excessive secretion of sebum, vitamin C seems to be effective in suppressing secretion of sebum ・ tightening pores, so select lotions containing vitamin C containing such efficacy I will.
Moisturization is essential, as excess sebum is secreted when dried. After wetting the cotton with water, when squeezing the extra moisture, I think that it is effective to soak it with the lotion mentioned above and putting it and make a cotton pack.
I use cheap toilet waters as a cotton pack for vitamin C formulation.
You can use a lot without worrying about quantity!

If you can see clogged pores, you can get better results by using a peeling gel that is effective to remove stale keratin. Also, I often used oil pickpacks when making makeups, but I felt that sebum seemed to be extra, because the necessary sebum was also absorbed.
Ever since I noticed it, I use tissue paper instead, but it seems to fit me and there is not makeup collapse due to sebum more frequently than before. Both are skin care which can be reviewed from today, so you can easily feel free to start.

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